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6201 PetFlex Flexible Bandage Roll

6201 PetFlex Flexible Bandage Roll

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Perfect for covering those wounds so you can get your bunny to a a hurry. Keep it in your bunny's first aid kit so it is ready to go. The nice thing is that it sticks to itself and has a chew deterrent added to help keep them from chewing on it so much. Odds are that if your bunny is stubborn or frustrated they will still chew on it...but it helps. 

Strong – 15 lbs tensile strength

Controlled compression – will not constrict

Easy Tear patented technology – no scissors needed

Sweat and water-resistant

PetFlex tears cleanly by hand 

Will not constrict

Does not stick to skin or hair

Stays in place
Completely safe to use on animals

Discourages biting, tearing and chewing on tape

Tape sticks to itself but not to skin or fur

Great for use on wounds that require frequent wraps
SIZE:  Roll is 2" wide by 5 yards (15 feet) long.
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