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2250 Bunny Abode Condo Silicone Sealant

2250 Bunny Abode Condo Silicone Sealant

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If you have one of those bunnies that just doesn't want to grasp the concept of litter training or that has maybe lost their bathroom habits due to age, we have just the thing - safe silicone sealant!

- safe for food contact
- safe for aquariums
- harmless

All you do is run a small (approximately 1/8 inch thick) bead of the silicone right where the flooring meets the Poplar side rails and it creates a waterproof (urine proof!) seal to protect against any seepage down over the edges. This gives you plenty of time to clean up any bunny 'accidents' when you can.

This is particularly helpful in shelter and rescue units since the bathroom habits of the bunnies are often unknown and of questionable habit.

A simple means of keeping that awesome Bunny Abode looking bright and beautiful for a lifetime!

One 2.8 oz tube should be just enough to seal two floors as it doesn't take much of a bead to do the job. Just let the silicone cure for 48 hours before putting bunny back in the bunny home as silicone is pretty stinky as it off-gasses during the curing process, at which time it becomes completely safe.

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