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2000 Chubby Bunny Condo Option

2000 Chubby Bunny Condo Option

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Please forgive the name... whether your bunny is chubby, big boned or just a large breed, some bunnies need a larger access between first and second, or second and third levels, plus a wider ramp.

This option provides a ramp that is 13 inches wide (versus 9 inches on the standard), and the hole between levels is 12 inch x 12 inch (compared to 8 inch x 10 inch on the standard Bunny Abode).

Please beware that this option leaves less floor space in the condo. For this reason we are unable to offer it in the 36 size. Not all rabbits will need this option; only large breeds such as Flemish Giants or French Lops and the like will benefit from this option.

We recommend you consider this option if your rabbit breed weighs 12 LB or more.

This is something that you have to add at the time you order your condo, not something that can be added on later. You will need to order the Chubby Bunny option for each floor that you would like the option for. (If you order a triple level condo and would like both levels to be Chubby Bunny levels, you will need to purchase 2 ) Contact us to order a replacement middle level if you already have a condo in your home and would like to convert it to this style.

Please note the image shows a Chubby Bunny level on the top and a regular level on the bottom to show you the difference. You can see that the access hole is larger, and while you can't see both ramps, the dimensions clearly show that one is larger (9 inches versus 13 inches).

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