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3030 Ramp Carpet - Chubby Bunny Ramp

3030 Ramp Carpet - Chubby Bunny Ramp

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Has the ramp in Chubby Bunny Abode seen better days? Dress it back up as good as new with a Replacement Carpet!  Fits the Chubby Bunny Abode ramp. All you need to do to replace it is:  remove the wooden rumble strips with a Phillips screwdriver, take off the old carpet -- put on the new carpet and replace the rumble strips. 

Your Chubby Bunny ramp will be 13" x 32".

NOTE: This item is NOT for the Regular Bunny Abodes, nor is it for ANY of the Front Door Ramps or Playland Ramps...those are all of different dimensions and this carpet will not fit. 

The picture shows a Regular Ramp is the same thing, but four inches wider for the Chubby Bunny Ramp. 

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