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2210 Second Floor Front Door Ramp

2210 Second Floor Front Door Ramp

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A simple solution to a common problem. We created a 45 inch long by 15 inch wide ramp that will allow your bunny to easily come and go from their second floor living space.

Uses a set of included hooks to solidly and firmly connect to your Bunny Abode Condo. Just remove the 'hooks' from their package upon receipt and screw them into the two holes in the support on the underside of the ramp (near the TOP end of the ramp). These hooks then hook over the wooden edge of the Bunny Abode (in the groove) so the top edge of the ramp is just below the lip of the doorway when used.

We don't use glue with our ramps, so you can easily replace the carpet if it is ever needed. It is held in place by the wooden 'rumble strips' that we use to add traction for your bunny as well as holding the carpet securely in place...yet removable!

Size:  15 x 45"

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